We always seek for trustworthy and professional partners who share our values and practices with us:

Prudent Risk Management

Positive, Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Customer Centric Mindset and Behavior

Individual ownership Towards Leadership and Capability Development

Opple Lighting

OPPLE Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturer based in Shanghai, China. Starting in 1996 as a CFL and ceiling fixture manufacturer, OPPLE has significantly expanded its product line to include a vast array of products and services—ranging from electrical appliances to large-scale commercial lighting solutions.

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ENDO Lighting

50 years of illuminating people as a specialist of light –
our mission is to create a new relationship between “people” and “light.”

ENDO Lighting is the pioneer of LED lighting.

Succeeding in practical use of LED light devices first in the world, we will continue to pursue the possibilities of LED.

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Davis Lighting

Founded in 1983, Davis Lighting has grown to become a progressive lighting manufacturing company with a wealth of experience and an established global network. This allows us to offer you the best possible lighting solutions

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PNE Lighting

A leading brand name in Southeast Asia, PNE has penetrated the construction and building industry offering emergency lighting products. In Singapore and Malaysia, PNE is involved in the manufacturing and sales of lighting products. Its emergency lightings are certified and approved for used by the various independent certification test laboratories.

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